Caffé Ronzio


    The organic coffee that's fueling creativity and promoting entrepreneurial growth.


    You're gonna love the "buzz"



    The Coffee

    Caffé Ronzio is a joint venture in fueling creativity between two adventurous and entrepreneurial brothers, Chris and Jonathan Ronzio. In Italian, Caffé Ronzio means "coffee buzz" - which is just too perfect.


    The beans are sourced directly from an organic farm in a mountainous region of central Honduras and are of the Red Catuai varietal. Shade-grown at over 5,000 feet, this single-origin coffee is organic, 100% Arabica, and sold whole bean with a light roast. The perfect balance of warm days and cool nights at this high-altitude Honduran farm allow the beans to mature slowly as their delicate flavors become deeper and more complex.

    The Cause

    The farm is much more than a farm. Caffé Ronzio coffee beans come straight from The Leadership Center, by Leadership Mission International. An all-female entrepreneurship college in Honduras funded by their coffee sales and the generosity of volunteers and donors.


    The program offers a 3-year Business Leadership Degree to young Honduran women who could otherwise not afford a college education. Each graduate learns leadership and business skills, sustainability practices, and the English language in order to succeed in Honduras’ difficult economic environment.








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